You are so alive, enthusiastic, positive and sprightly, besides knowing your stuff!
...Bernard Mazet, F&B Director One&Only

It's an honor to work with you.
...David V. Johnson, Chairman of Victor International and founder CEO of Oil Nut Bay residential resort, Virgin Gorda, BVIs

Our Chairman is thrilled with the candidates you are presenting, FYI.  We must get you out here at some point to show you the property in person.  We have needed a top-notch recruiter for some time.

Thank you for always been there! I mean you are an amazing human being...
...Julian Smaldoni, 5* GM resort consultant, Mx

I understand that you are the best recruiter for high end properties, and you have the best opportunities for qualified professionals in Hospitality business.

Your name has come up as one of the most respected, valuable and experienced headhunters in the business.
...CARLOS MEDEIROS | Director of Programming Development, EyeBoogie, LA Films  

Thanks for all your help, Pamala you are a complete pro!
...Simon Goodson, Executive Chef  

Thank you for always been there! I mean you are an amazing human being
...Julian Smaldoni, 5* GM resort consultant, Mx  

I understand that you are the best recruiter for high-end properties, and you have the best opportunities for qualified professionals in the Hospitality business

You are one of these rare 'headhunters' who keeps her word, follows up, and always replies and answers, a rare treat nowadays; I could give you a long list of unprofessional colleagues of yours:)  It seems you never stop, Yves Wencker
...General Manager at Wilburys Hotels Investment, Strasbourg Area, France

You are simply the best! As usual :)
...Sabine Riegler Rooms Div Director, 5*

Thank you. I opened Island Shangri-la and three  Ritz Carltons.  You have gained my trust..
...Bill McGarrick, Executive Pastry Chef, Corporate Harrods, London

You are a professional; you do have my respect, loyalty and trust!
...Anthony Suttile, GM, LaSource, Grenada

Your company is only as good as those that work for you - so hire properly. Pamala knows luxury recruiting period.  You need not look any further when looking for an expert in staffing in the Caribbean, and beyond. Her relationships are stellar; her reputation is top-notch; she produces undeniable results. A trustworthy individual who gets the job done.
...Andria Mitsakos, President Andria Mitsakos Public Relations, NY, Miami, Milan, Athens, London

I can see why you came so highly recommended, professional, to the point, and an Angel.
... Robin Edwards, GM Luxe resort China 

And coming from you,  I know he can only be among the very best!!!  
...Roberto Pelliccia, GM, Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

When colleagues as me who’s the best headhunter you ever worked with, I have to say you. NO KIDDING. You keep me ALL THE TIME updated. Every action you take denotes concern and PROFESSIONALISM.  Each referee you checked asked me who you are and makes me feel I'm in very good hands.

...Walter Rodriguez, Dir Human Resources, 5* resort So. America

Thank you very much for keeping in touch and for your very professional way of presenting options.
...Lars Garrido GM Camino

I must say you're very well recognized and highly respected. I am proud to be associated with your good self.

...Kirin Pancha Dir F&B Shangri-la

Thanks. As I said before, I have a whole new respect for you do.

...Greg Claytor, Resort GM Turks & Caicos

I want to applaud you for the earnest, consistent efforts you placed that really put me at ease with your client.

...Sherlene Andersen F&B Carlisle-Bay, Antigua

I contacted you knowing that you are a known and respected executive recruiter within the Bermuda, The  Bahamas, and Caribbean Archipelago and further afield.  Graham Asher, Regional Operations
...Director, Starwood Hotels

Sounds like a challenging, exciting job prospect - no wonder you are so sought after.
...Helen P Bayne, Resort GM

Where have you been all my career?
...Miles Belfield, Executive Sous Chef, Mandarin Oriental Bermuda

I felt confident that if I asked you any question you will find an answer, that is because you have an open attitude to life and nothing is impossible, whether it's how many Frangipani trees are on the Galapagos Islands to how many streets are there in NYC... you would endeavor to find out..this is a compliment in and of itself.  I know you well enough that you would find a solution very quickly, indeed. What I have realized is that you are a very fast thinker, a FUTURIST, and an internet guru!  I think you have done fantastically well, bearing in mind you run a one-woman show.

...Stephen Antram, former Dir of Corporate Operations, Sunswept Resorts, St Lucia

I saw your name recently regarding a query on about good search got a great review.
...Don Dagenais GM Beaches TCI

You are the only recruitment company specialized in this area.
...Gamal Rodriguez Reg. F&B Dir. Sandals Corp.

On a totally personal note, let us know when you would like to come to Jamaica and stay at our properties.
...Jason Henzel Pres Island Outpost

It is good to know that a pro is out there who may come in handy if required I would use your services as a recruiter any time
...Klaus Lapp GM Sofitel Hungary, formerly GM Sol Melia, San Juan

I did research Caribsearch and was very impressed! I feel honoured to have met you and to read about your company.  I also believe that the approach your company is using to attract hospitality executives is innovative and can only lead to the recruitment of the best fit personnel for positions in the industry. As the  Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism St Lucia; I am very familiar with the requirements and needs of this sector.
...Marilyn Morris

I knew from Ms. Valerie Haydon, Chairwoman for Glamour Job in the UK, that you are a great professional. You are a great lady. Thank you.
...Romeo MILEA, resorts Financial Controller, Romania

I would still be with the Ritz Carlton until your name came up.  I let him know that you were incredible as a recruiter.
...Scott McCall former Dir of Loss Prevention Ritz Carlton St Thomas

Caribsearch is the first Remote  Hospitality Executive Search firm; the industry highly recommends your firm.
...Julie Seah Rooms Div Dir, Resort Hoang Anh Da Lat (Vietnam)

Your name and company profile has been highly recommended to me by my former Executive Chef, Morne Van Antwerp
...Peter Kerr, GM, Full Moon Resorts Republic of the Maldives

After conducting further research beyond the specific career opportunity into your executive placement organization, I was delighted as to its professionalism and displayed quality
...Noel Winterberg - US Military Counter Terrorism expert

I have researched your Agency through a few people who you have found jobs for.  I am very impressed with the quality you are known to provide.  Having learned more about your Agency, I feel convinced that I would make an ideal candidate for any of the fine properties you are associated.
...Gary Holgate Dir F&B Almond Resorts, Barbados

I am very impressed with your corporate profile. You are very talented and have a wealth of interesting experiences, congratulations. We certainly both share a passion for our careers.
...Joseph Krohn, COO Intl Global Yachting

As ever you have been a star and I will I am sure be in touch soon. With my very best wishes.
...Mark A. Grebby, former Group GM Rex Resorts, St Lucia current GM La Source, Grenada

A whole new respect for you do!
...Greg Claytor, former Tropical Resorts General Manager, Turks & Caicos, current headhunter

Well Pamala, thank you for a brilliant day thank you.  Although I have a few good things going on, I would be lying if I said that I can ignore an opportunity coming from one of the best in the Business.
...Ankush Jingle, Sommelier

Thanks greatly as usually you are the best at what you do

...Stephanie Marley, the Bob Marley Family Holdings.

I thank you so very much for everything, you are truly a Lady.
...Jean-Cristoph Requero, F&B Dir Ritz Carlton & Sandy Lane

I will never ever forget that you, you are the only one that gave me the chance to enter the hospitality industry. I was knocking at so many doors and they never opened, they were never there for me.
...Romeo Melia, hospitality economist Anse Chastanet, St Lucia

What can I're great!
...Alanna McCartney, Director Human Resources Atlantis - Paradise Island

You are very instrumental in seeing me grow within this industry and surely you were the only one to have gotten me that break when I needed one the most.
...Nakul Kakarni, pastry chef, Four Seasons

You are the first recruiter that performed the kind of in-depth search I would have done if our roles were reversed. You covered the ground swiftly and more effectively than I could have expected, you were easy to reach, presented good candidates; you are very straightforward with me, which I really appreciated.
...Liz Marcantel, Corporate Recruiter, Kiawah Development Partners

The best decision was to talk to you, to get advice when I was confused. I thank you for all your patience with me and for the dedication which you assume every process. You make me feel like I was talking to one of my best friends and that's priceless. God bless you.
...Katia Nuñez HR Director Talos Development div of Cisneros Corp, DR

I've heard so many good things about you.  Usually, I do not trust head hunters, but I do trust you.
...Maria Cristina Cesario DOSM

I look forward to the day when I will take up one of your assignments.  Until then, I am blessed with your friendship.
...Kevin John Fawkes Executive Star Chef Maldives

It has been a pleasure to hire Pamala for multiple searches in the Caribbean! She understands this challenging job market and the needs of a five-star resort in such locations!   Her focus on the region and global remote locales makes her exceptionally knowledgeable.  
...Olivier Bottois MD/VP Marketing / GM Luxury Hotels & Resorts/ Asset Positioning

Serious and committed to work.
...Thecla Lionel Immigration at Govt. of St. Lucia

A brilliant, caring recruiter
...A Junior Martins Maitre Sommelier & Consultant

I have worked with Pamala on several occasions she is the best in the business.  Often the client and the candidate are not entirely sure of where they are going in the recruitment process. She is the bridge and carefully listens to make a perfect match. Pamala is exceptionally personable and professional to work with and she always delivers what she promises.
...Managing Director at Chef William Dobson Personal Chef Services for SuperYachts and Private Luxury Villas

I have known Ms. Baldwin for ten years.  She is always on the alert for a perfect fit for clients with professionalism.
...Jim Fleming, Data Center Project Manager/General Superintendent at Tishman Construction

I recommend Pamala for her professionalism, quality of the work, creativity, solution maker, problem solver, full of power, integrity in her work and personal life. She always provides personal examples, is very flexible. She is always ready for extraordinary assignments and always on time.  Pamala is the ideal person for this kind of job; she is always caring. Pamala is the ideal person for this kind of job: always positive and accurate and a very hard worker.
...Stefano Sechi, Assistant General Manager at Breezes Beach Club & SPA

Pamala worked tirelessly to find the right person for the open position within the Resort. She was thorough, detailed, and always had another suggestion for the opportunity at hand. A great resource and professional.
...Helen Bayne CHA, Program Leader, Swiss Higher Diploma, Hotel Institute of Montreux

Your company is only as good as those that work for you - so hire properly. Pamala knows luxury recruiting. Period. You need not look any further when looking for an expert in staffing in the Caribbean and beyond. Her relationships are stellar, her reputation is top-notch, and she produces undeniable results. You are a trustworthy individual who gets the job done.
...Andria Mitsakos, International PR Consultant, Branding Expert, Writer, Accessories Designer + Curator of Hotel Retail Space

You have always been one of the most -if not the most- active recruiter when looking for new opportunities.
...Pierre-Alexandre Maillard, Founder I Managing Director, Villa Vi St Barth

I will always thank you so much for looking after me.
...Yecine Boudchich, Sommelier chez Bagatelle Group
Antigua, West Indies
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